Sunday Night Evangelism

You may be asking what is our Sunday Night Evangelism? No, it is not our Evening services on Sunday, but it takes place right after them. The Elders have set aside a few minutes after the Sunday evening services to hand out several different items.

First, we hand out our Prayer List to anyone that wants one. Our Prayer List consists of those of our congregation who are sick, either short term or long term as well as friends of family members that do not attend Eastern Meadows. It also contains a list of our Shut-ins and those that we know who are battling cancer. It may also contain a list of names that are grieving over the loss of loved one, those that may be serving our country in the military and any parents that are expecting babies. Our Prayer List also contains a list of our Mission works, Benevolence works and other Congregational works. Last but not least the Prayer List contains any Birthdays and Anniversaries that may be coming up. We hope that this list is used in prayer every day by our congregation.

Second, we hand out a card (similar to postcards) with a name and address and a reason to contact that person. We also provide a blank card and a stamped envelope so people can write a note to those receiving it. The reason for contacting them may vary. They may have missed services or are on our sick list or our shut-in list. We also send out cards to our Benevolence works and Mission works as well as any serving in the military. We also provide a few blank cards with stamped envelopes without any specific person in mind. People can take these and send them to whomever they would like.

Third, we hand out our phone calling card. These cards have the name and phone number of the person that should be contacted as well as the reason for contacting them. Some people would rather hear a kind voice talking with them.

All of this is done to encourage others and to let them know that they are loved and that someone cares about them. Many who have received the cards or phone calls have stated that they have been uplifting and encouraged by them.

Comments from a recipient of our cards: Dear friends, thank you so much for the many cards you all have sent me while I have been on this deployment. Your thoughtfulness has been a tremendous source of encouragement for me. Words cannot express how thankful that me and my family are for you. May God continue to bless you all.

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