Marriage Enrichment Seminar Lessons Taught At Eastern Meadows

2017 Marriage Enrichment Sunday Speaker: David Hester

open mp3 fileopen youtube video   Six Keys To Have A Fantastic Marriage

open mp3 fileopen youtube video   What Have They Seen In Thine House

open mp3 fileopen youtube video   Does Your Home Abide In The Doctrine Of Christ

2016 Marriage Seminar Speaker: Jerry Martin    Subject: Becoming One...And Staying That Way

   Recognizing Oneness

   Resourceful Communication

   Realistic Romance

   Responsible Finance

   Redeeming The Time

   Individual Wholeness

   Spiritual Genetics

   Pillars Of A Godly Home

2015 Marriage Day Speaker: Charlie Boddy

   Ten Commandments For A Happy Marriage

   How To Keep The Magic In Marriage

   Building Blocks And Cement Of Marriage

2014 Marriage Seminar Speaker: Neal Pollard    Subject: Commitment That Excites

   Liberated By Faithfulness

   Elavated By Service

   Motivated By Growth

   Intoxicated By Closeness

   Stimulated By Friendship

   Ignited By Change

   The 4G Experince "Grime"

   The 4G Experince "Godliness"

   The 4G Experince "Gods Grace"

2013 Marriage Day Speaker: Cliff Goodwin

   Public Display of Affection

   God's Wedding Gift

   Communicating in Marriage

2012 Marriage Seminar Speaker: Eddy Gilpin    Subject: Making Marriage More Meaningful

   Living Life Together Makes Life Together Worth Living

   How Can I Possibly Live With the One I Can't Possibly Live Without

   Marriage Survival Kit

   How to be Good Partners and Still be Great Parents

   All I Know About the Birds and the Bees is I Got Pecked and Stung

   Mens Class: If You Want to Catch a Bass, Don't Put Stinkbait on Your Hook

   Marriage Vows Renewal

   Home: A Blessing From God, A Necessity For Mankind

   God Is Serious About Marriage

2010 Family Day Speaker: Bill McDonald

   By God's Design

   No Greater Love

   Marriage and Kids

2009 Family Day Speaker: Donnie Hilliard

   Preparing for Marriage

   God's Plan for the Home

   His Needs, Her Needs

   Getting My Family to Heaven

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