Homecoming Day Sermons

2015 Homecoming Speaker: Dan Wheeler

   Our Hope is in the Living God

   This Idea of Hope: A Living Hope

   The Difference that Hope Makes

2014 Homecoming Speaker: Mike Gifford

   Overview Of The Book Of Psalms

   What Psalms 46 Means To Me

   What The Psalms Can Mean To You

2013 Homecoming Speaker: Levi Sides

   The Importance Of The Lord's Supper

   A Righteous Person's Prayer


2012 Homecoming Speaker: Kyle Butt

   The Idea Of Eternity

   Your Life On This Earth Is Short

   The Battle For Your Own Peace

2011 Homecoming Speaker: ER Brannan

   The Prodigal Son

   Homeward Bound

   The Elder Son

2010 Homecoming Speaker: Richard Harp

   Our Physical Homecoming

   Our Spiritual Homecoming

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