"A Message From The Meadows"

The Eastern Meadows congregation has ceased hosting the radio program that aired on WMGY Radio (800 AM and 96.5 FM) called, "A Message From The Meadows." This webpage is here to show the heritage of the radio program in the past.

Our Minister Steve Housley has been presenting our lessons on the air. Previously brother Roger Dill had been doing the lessons. Both have done a wonderful job in presenting God's Word over the airways.

Eastern Meadows has had this radio program since 2010. Previously, the Capitol Heights Church of Christ hosted this program with different speakers, including Raymond Elliott and Byron Benson. The radio program goes back over 30 years with Brother Byron Benson and the Grady Church of Christ. Before that, Brother Clyde Fulmer hosted the radio program.


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We would like to invite you to join us at Eastern Meadows Church of Christ for our Bible Study time together. We have classes for all ages. Also join us for our Worship Services. We hope to see you there.


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