John Hurt Correspondence Course

The Eastern Meadows congregation would like to offer you a free correspondence course that would be sent out to you via US Mail. Currently, we are offering the John Hurt Correspondence Course. There is a total of eight lessons available in this series (each lesson will be sent out individually). After you have reviewed the lesson and answered the questions you can send the question sheet back to us for grading. We will grade your answers and send it back to you along with a new lesson.

If you are interested in receiving this course, please visit our Contact Us page. You can fill out the form with your name and address and click the box toward the bottom of the form that says "Please send me a free correspondence course". You can also contact us by phone at 334-273-0001 and leave a message if no one answers. Please leave your name and full address so that we can send you the first lesson.

Here is a brief overview of each lesson:

John Hurt Correspondence Course 1Lesson One introduces you to The Old Testament. There is an "Outline of Old Testament History" and shows the importance to "Recent Old TestamentDiscoveries" as well as "Helpful Hints For Effective Bible Study".

John Hurt Correspondence Course 2Lesson Two introduces you to The New Testament. There is an introduction to "New Testament Writers" and tells you about the "Inspiration of the Bible". It also shows "The Evidence of Prophecy" as well as "The Evidence of Scientific Foreknowledge".

John Hurt Correspondence Course 3Lesson Three is called Rightly Dividing the Word. This lesson goes through the "Purpose of the Old and New Testaments". There is a section called "What Does This Mean To Us?" also there is a section called "A Few Remaining Questions".

John Hurt Correspondence Course 4Lesson Four is titled Faith and Works. The first section deals with "Faith and Works" then it moves onto the "States of Faith". It also explains the "Prominent Scriptures Concerning Obedience". Then there is a page called "The Relation of Faith and Works" and finishes up with "Ways of Disobedience".

John Hurt Correspondence Course 5Lesson Five is about Becoming a Christian. It discusses "Becoming a Christian" and "Acts of Obedience". The lesson continues and gives some "Examples of Conversion". It then moves on and two sections on "Baptism".

John Hurt Correspondence Course 6Lesson Six talks about Acceptable Worship. After that there is a short section called "More Than Sincerity Alone" The lesson moves onto the "Changes in Worship" and discusses "Returning to the New Testament Pattern".

John Hurt Correspondence Course 7Lesson Seven is called The New Testament Church. There are several short articles about "Unity". The next section deals with the "Characteristics of the New Testament Church" and finishes with "Names Worn by God's People".

John Hurt Correspondence Course 8Lesson Eight is titled You Can Be Just A Christian. It starts with "Why are there So Many Churches".It then has a section called "The Departure Foretold" and then discusses the "Prophecies Begin to be Fulfilled". Then it moves onto "Prominent Human Changes" and "The Rise of Modern Denominations". The next section is titled "Undenominational Christianity" and ask's the question "Is Such a Return Still Possible?". The final part is called "The Lord's Church Versus Human Denominations".

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