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Main Auditorium Class:David Hester, our new Education and Involvement Minister started teaching the main auditorium class in June, 2016. His topic of study is the book of Revelation. David started with 2 weeks of introduction to the book and then started the study from chapter 1. The lessons are available in both audio and video on our sermons page.

The new curriculum, Engraving Heavenly Truths (see their website here) begins the first Sunday in December of 2015. All classes will be studying the new curriculum on Sunday mornings; however, the adult class teachers will not be following the curriculum closely for the first two quarters. The first two quarters are a Survey of the O.T. and the N.T. Since this was primarily the study over the past year, the adult class teachers are being given latitude to plan their own lessons from the O.T. this quarter.

We want to thank Charlie Bodddy, Scott Gleaves and Steve Housley for leading us in a study called "Burning Issues of The Twenty-First Century" from March through May of 2016. Below is a list of dates and topics that were covered.

Burning Issues of The Twenty-First Century

We want to thank Thomas Anderson for leading us in a study of various O.T. characters such as Jonah, Hosea and Gomer, Abigail, Naaman, Achan, Esau and Jacob, and others. Thomas done a wonderful job of presenting these lessons.


We have finished the curriculum called Journey Through The Bible the last week of November 2015. All classes were studying this material on Sunday morning. It is a study of the entire Bible where we will go through the Bible three times in a single year, focusing on 16 periods of Bible History. The first time you go through the Bible in one Sunday. The second time you go through the Bible in 19 weeks. The third time you go through the Bible in 32 weeks. The purpose of this study is obviously not an in depth study of any specific section of the scriptures or book of the Bible. The purpose of this study is to give us an overview - picture - of the entire Bible. This study should help us to be able to tell someone the Bible story from Genesis to Revelation.

We would like to thank the South Fayette Church of Christ of Fayetteville, Georgia for developing this one year curriculum and sharing it freely. You can click here to see the curriculum they have developed. We want to thank each of our teachers who are willing to take this curriculum from the printed page to the hearts of each student! Most all of our teachers, from children through Adult classes will remain the same. In the auditorium class, Paul Clements will be teaching the first two cycles (20 weeks) followed by Tim Stevens, who will teach the third cycle (30 weeks). Below are the 16 periods of Bible History.

  • Before the Flood
  • The Flood
  • Scattering of the People
  • Patriarchs
  • Exodus
  • Wandering in the Wilderness
  • Invasion and Conquest of the Land
  • Judges
  • United Kingdom
  • Divided Kingdom
  • Judah Alone
  • Captivity
  • Return from Captivity
  • Years of Silence
  • Life of Christ
  • Early Church
  • Main Auditorium


    Steve Housley our Pulpit Minister conducted a study on PRAYER based off of the lessons of James Meadows. Also Paul Clements complemented this study with a look at a different prayer in the Biible each week. This study lasted from April through June of 2016. Our thanks goes out to both for a wonderful study.

    Thanks goes out to Alan Kaye from Faulkner University for teaching a great study based on the book "Family Of God" written by Batsell Barrett Baxter. The study took place from January through March of 2016.


    Brother Paul Clements has finished teaching the Wednesday Night Auditorium Class on the subject, "Ascertaining Bible Authority." Ok, ascertaining is a big word, and Paul hesitated using this word. It means, "find (something) out for certain; make sure of." So we will be learning about "Making Sure of Bible Authority." This is a very important study. The religious world generally is not asking, "Is it right? Is it in the Bible?" I am afraid that many in the church have also quit asking the questions, "Is it right? Is it in the Bible?" But once we ask that question, how can we determine what the Bible teaches? As you can see, this is a fundamental subject! A needed subject! We need this class!

    Our very own Jerry Martin of Amridge University has finished his series of classes. It was a study on Mentoring and Motivating the Next Generation. The series has been very powerful and informative. We have a responsibility to reach out and mentor the younger generation and teach them about God's Word.

    Our minister Steve Housley started off the year of 2015 with a series of studies called Surviving our Struggles that was very informative and helpful to many. Some of the topics discussed in this series were:

  • Facing Failures
  • Dealing with Depression
  • Getting Over Guilt
  • Going Through Grief
  • Managing Money
  • Facing Fears
  • Living with Loneliness

  • 1st through 6th grades

    Our teachers for this class are using material from Apologetics Press and the Explorer Series to learn about the culture and geography in which thousands of Bible events took place. Lessons will include the geography of Palestine, professions, dwellings, foods, clothing, customs, and more of Bible times. After a completion of these lessons, students will grow to appreciate that the biblical events took place in far different times, countries, and cultures. They will have a much better overall understanding of the Bible as they grow to recognize the different contexts in which the biblical events took place.

    7th through 12th grades (Senior Youth)

    Our Senior Youth group is studying through the book of Matthew on Wednesday night in preparation for the Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes convention that will be held March 25 - 27 in 2016. This study will be used to enrich each student with valuable information. This information can be used in everyday life as well as at the convention in the Bible Bowl competition. Please visit the Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes website for much more information.

    Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes

    Yound Adults Class

    Josh Cochran has been leading the class through a chapter and verse study of the book of Romans

    Allen Clements taught the Young Adults class based on the book called "The Case for Faith" by Lee Strobel. These lessons discuss typical objections to having faith often used by atheists and agnostics (e.g., "A merciful God wouldn't allow so much suffering in the world"). It is a follow-up/continuation of the class Allen taught a couple of years ago base on another book by Lee Strobel called, "The Case for Christ".

    We have had a series at Eastern Meadows called Wonderful Wednesday's for several years now where we have had guest speakers in for a series of lessons for a particular month. Here is what we have studied over the past few years.

    During the month of October 2015 speakers from Amridge University spoke on the following subjects:

  • Jerry Martin - Tell Me The Story Of Jesus
  • Jim Smeal - Christ Crucified
  • Leon Estep - Lessons From Haggai
  • Paul Meachum - Marriage In America: A Postmortem
  • October 2015 Wonderful Wednesday Series

    In April of 2015 we had speakers from Faulkner University with us to discuss various topics. We thank the speakers for time in preparing for this and it was a wonderful study. Here is a list of speakers and topics:

  • Melvin Otey - God's Call to Serve
  • Billy Hilyer - God's Holiness
  • Don Myers - Missions/Evangelism
  • Sam Long - That Your Joy May Be Full
  • April 2015 Wonderful Wednesday Series

    In 2014 we had speakers from Apologetics Press with us for our Wonderful Wednesday series. Our speakers for the month of April were Dave and Jeff Miller with the topic being "Reasons to Believe" and the subjects were:

  • Can I Know God Exists?
  • God and the Laws of Science
  • Proof of God in Your Body
  • Proof of God in Nature

  • In November Eric Lyons was our speaker with a topic similar to Dave and Jeff Miller's called "Reasons to Believe the Bible" with the below subjects discussed:

  • Reasons to Believe the Bible is Divinely Inspired
  • Dealing Fairly with Alleged Contradictions-Principles to Know
  • Reasons to Believe What The Bible says about God
  • Reasons to Believe What the Bible says about Salvation

  • In 2013 for our Wonderful Wednesday series our very own Paul Clements and Jerry Martin presented lessons for us. In June the topic was "Questions about the Unseen" taught by Paul Clements. Topics discussed were:

  • Are Angels Spirit Beings?
  • Has Anybody Seen God?
  • Does the Devil Really Have Horns and Pitch Fork?
  • Will You Hear, "Come Ye Blessed?"

  • Jerry Martin's theme in December was "Facing Life's Challenges". The challenges discussed were as followed:

  • The Challenge of Anxiety and Depression
  • The Challenge of Addiction
  • The Challenge of Making Life's Decisions
  • The Challenge of Time Management

  • In 2012 our Wonderful Wednesday series theme was "I Wrote the Book". For this series we had authors with us who had previously written books on Biblical topics.

  • In February Martel Pace who wrote a "Commentary on the book of Hebrews" for the Truth for Today series was with us and discussed different aspects of the book of Hebrews.
  • In June our speaker was Robert Waggoner who wrote "The God of the Bible" and presented a series of lessons called Learning About God.
  • Then in September Scott Gleaves presented lessons to us base on his book "Seeking a Life that Counts" based on a study of Ecclesiastes.
  • Finally in November Cecil May Jr. who wrote "Bible Questions and Answers" took questions in advance from our congregation and presented the answers to us on our Wednesday night services.

  • Thursday Morning Class

    We want to thank our youth minister Tim Gotkiewicz for leading the lessons on the book of Hebrews during the months of January through May of 2016.

    Our Thursday classes are not in session at this time.

    Monday Night Motivation - M-N-M

    Tuesday Night Together - T-N-T

    We are meeting at the Eastern Meadows church building around 6:30 p.m. to have a dinner together and then at 7:00 p.m. we have the study. The men and women have separate studies and different teachers volunteer for each week of study.

    For 2016 we are studing from the book written by Mike Winkler called "Succesful Christian Living In Today's World".

    Succesful Christian Living In Today's World

    For 2015 we studied from the book written by Michael Gifford called "The Essences of Living Faith".

    The Essences of Living Faith

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