Marriage Enrichment Seminar

The next Marriage Enrichment Seminar will be held February 26th, 27th and 28th of 2016. The speakers will be Jerry and Denise Martin. Please see below for theme, dates, times and subjects covered.

2016 Marriage Seminar

The Eastern Meadows congregation has held the Marriage Enrichment Seminar for over 10 years now. It had it's start back in 2005 and continues on. We believe that Marriage and Family are an important part of life, and hold these seminars to help inform people of what God want for our marriages and families.

Here are a list of speakers who have presented lessons in the past:

  • Dr. Mike Cravens and Dr. Roy Sharp
  • Glenn and Cindy Colley
  • Donnie Hilliard
  • Bill McDonald
  • Eddy and Jeanny Gilpin
  • Cliff Goodwin
  • Neal and Kathy Pollard
  • Charlie Boddy
Couples Bible Study

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